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We are a data-driven film studio for the digital age

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!
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About Us

Tadpole Digital Ventures 

Under our Tadpole Films brand, we work with filmmakers to make small-budget, Influencer-led films.

Tadpole Films are developed by Influencers resonate with fans and engage new audiences.

Our partners are leaders in the development, production, distribution, financing and marketing of independent film. We combine their experience with a suite of ancillary and support tools.

We are a full service studio for filmmakers, Influencers and a brand trusted by audiences around the world.

Why The Name Tadpole?

We love films of every size (including blockbusters!) and Hollywood is still ‘the shit’ for film, but as a business and a culture we wanted to be as distant as possible from how films are made at the studios.

So we came up with Tadpole to symbolize and epitomize the opposite of a the studio Tentpole,
in design, process and technique but closely-enough related to symbolize the potential, power and excitement.

…….well that plus the domain was available, so Tadpole was hatched!




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